Connecting Europe Facility

The Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) is a European Union 22 fund established in 2014 for infrastructure investments (in particular the Trans-European Networks) across the union in transport, energy, digital and telecommunication projects, which aims at a greater connectivity between EU member states. It operates through grants, financial guarantees and project bonds.[1] It is run by the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency and then by the Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency.[2]

CEF Digital

CEF Digital [3] is the digital infrastructure arm of CEF.

A large portion of CEF Digital was split off in 2021 to form the Digital Europe Programme.[4]

The actions which remain assigned to CEF Digital after 2021, include:

  • Deploying very high-capacity networks, including 5G systems, in areas where socioeconomic drivers are located
  • Guaranteeing uninterrupted coverage with 5G systems of all major transport paths, including the trans-European transport networks
  • Deploying new or a significant upgrade of existing backbone networks, including submarine cables, within and between Member States and between the Union and third countries
  • Implementing and supporting digital connectivity infrastructure related to cross-border projects in the areas of transport or energy [5]

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